For many students, the real study commences the night before an exam and finishes right after passing. However, it’s never too late to develop healthy study habits. The sooner you create a comfortable routine that will make you progress step by step every day, the easier and more exciting the study process will be.

We swept the web and our own creative minds for the best tools, techniques and resources to help you hit the top grade with your assignments while still seeing your friends, devoting some time to your hobby and reflection. We wish we had known these things back when we were in school!

So, sit yourself comfortably and enjoy the most valuable information just flowing into your hands!

This method implies active listening and instant processing of the received information. You write down a lecture and simultaneously add your own reflections along with new concepts. Later you are supposed to read your notes and complete them with a summary.

An unusual and effective method of remembering a vast amount of information in a short time.

The famous 80/20 method in terms of studying.

This book gives success stories of top students around the world and explains the concept of “multifaceted success”.

  • If you are not that into reading books, here is the blog for you:

This is basically a tutor in your pocket. This app knows answers to over 100,000,000 questions on math, chemistry, English and history.

Other useful online resources:

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