We don’t limit ourselves to blogging, but also want to meet our readers. Therefore we organize occasional events to get to know each other better and have fun. Keep track of the calendar!

May 27,2018


A warm chance to get a break from the day’s demands. And tea also is a natural energy booster. We gathered to chat, laugh and have a good conversation with friends who go through the finals. Everyone left feeling better than before.


December 15, 2018


Drawing and painting are great remedies for stress from busy schedules and exams. What’s more, at the end of the evening you bring home a truly unique work of art!


Last Sunday


We asked a professional yoga instructor to show us some flows that help to relieve stress and straighten out that spine. Let’s show stress it can’t get the best of us!


Next week

Seminar The Power of Revision in Learning

Gerard has been teaching in a school for special children. On the seminar, he will share his story of patience, gives a valuable insight into the psychology behind the learning process, and offer a technique for effective long-term memory usage in the study process.