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The mission of Make a Connection blog is to promote meaningful student learning. We strive to help members of Make a Connection community become more effective teachers and more involved students. We share practical advice and offer opportunities to consult and speak up.

Our events are devoted to bring people together and inspire them to generate ideas that are then discussed and tried on practice. We see our mission in identifying and advocating for practiced that are research-based and spare no effort to find resources to support those practices.

In our work, we are guided by understanding that being a good teacher is not an innate trait but a skill that can be developed over time. Here, on the website, instructors can grow as teachers and refine their practices, as well as try out new ideas by implementing them in the form of a game on one of our events.

We strongly believe there is no one right way to teach, and surely no teaching style is good for every student. Therefore, we promote using a variety of educational processes and draw everyone to contribute to our collection of experiences. We also foster educational institutions representatives and renowned resources to share and support their work so our community members could learn from them.

Hope you have found the time you’ve spent on Make a Connection useful. Below you can find our contacts. Either you want to leave a warm word or to make our work better, we are eager to hear from you!


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