We are teachers who have the most multifaceted experience teaching in different school districts, different classes and following different education programs. Through discussions about our work and curriculum, we came to the conclusion that we have the huge need for a resource where teachers and students could go to find tips and lifehacks to alleviate their day-to-day struggles. The Make a Connection is the outcome of these talks and a corner for all who is interested.

Although different, we share one common trait: the love to collect and share the best ideas and stuff online. Everything you can see on this website is the result of laborious research and experiments. Some of them failed. The others are listed in the corresponding section. It is meant to be always a work in progress as there is always space for improvement. We can’t wait to hear how our collection turned helpful to you and what could be added!

Teaching isn’t an easy process. Studying is fighting a battle that has not even yet happened. Providing an exciting and motivating hands-on experience is important but not enough. We have to go deeper to cater to each student’s individual gift. We hope to be here for everyone who seeks inspiration, encouragement and aims to acquire time-saving techniques so we all can have a life outside of school walls…

So, welcome and Make a Connection – we are excited to have you around!