Steps to Write an Effective Amazon Product Description

## Introduction

A product description is the first impression a potential customer has of your product. It is the most important part of your Amazon product listing, and is one of the first things a customer sees when they search for your product on Amazon.

The product description should be written in a way that makes the customer want to click through to your product listing.

Note: If you want to learn more about Amazon product listings, check out the Amazon Product Listing Guide.

## What is a Product Description?

Amazon product descriptions are composed of three parts:

1. Title

2. Keywords

3. Description

## Title

Your Amazon product title is the name of the product that you are selling. It should be short, descriptive, and unique.

## Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases that describe the product. They are used to help customers find your product in Amazon’s search results. Keywords should be relevant to the product, but they should not be too specific. If you use a keyword that is too specific, your product will not show up in search results for that keyword.

Tip: You can add up to 50 keywords to your Amazon listing, but you can only use up to 10 of them in your product description. You should use the most relevant keywords that describe your product, and the remaining keywords can be used in the product title.

## Description

The description of a product is the body of text that appears in the search results when a customer searches for that product. The description should include the product’s title, keywords, and a brief description of what the product is and how it works.

## Writing an Effective Product Description

The following are some tips for writing an effective product description on Amazon:

– Use the first person: Describe your product from the perspective of the customer. For example, if your product is a vacuum cleaner, use phrases like, “This vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner on the market.”

– Write in the present tense: Avoid using the word “will” or “will be” when describing a product. Instead, use the words “is” and “is the” to describe a product that is already in existence.

For example: “This is the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home.”

– Avoid using too many adjectives: Adjectives are words that describe a noun. They should be used sparingly, as they make your product sound like a piece of furniture or an inanimate object. Instead of using adjectives, use action verbs that describe what your product does. For instance, instead of saying that your vacuum cleaner “cleans” your carpet, say that it “vacuums” the carpet. This makes it sound more like a person or a living thing, rather than an object.

– Use short sentences: Try to keep your product descriptions to one or two sentences. Longer product descriptions can be difficult to read, and they can also make your listing look cluttered.

– Be specific: The more specific you are, the more likely it is that your listing will appear in Amazon search results and on the first page of Amazon’s product search results page (PSP).

– Be consistent: Make sure that you use the same words and phrases throughout your listing. This will make it easier for Amazon to match your listing to other listings that are similar to yours, and it will help your listing appear in the same order as other similar listings on the same page.

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