School Must Be the Place of Happiness, Not Moral Tortures

Schools are places where people go to seek new knowledge and to expand their scholarly horizons. Children who go to school get empowered, and they can make more enlightened and informed decisions. The capability to do things comes from institutions of learning, and this is why schools must be friendly and warm environments where people can learn, and enjoy the learning process as well.

Places of Happiness

Schools give new exposure and experiences to people. They open up the thinking of people. In this regard, therefore, these should be places where people can feel safe without pressure or harassment emanating from any area.

Schools must provide a conducive learning environment, but some other institutions are shading outside the lines and becoming centers of moral torture.

Moral Tortures

While it is essential that school goers get the appropriate moral guidance, it is important to acknowledge that learning institutions do not have to be places of moral tortures in the name of rectifying the behavior of students.

There are schools which have moral guidance programs that are extreme, and these schools implement these programs in an equal measure to how they teach students. The effect of this is that it spoils the mood and the environment that schools are meant to provide.

Effective learning can only be realized when there is happiness in the school, and moral torture does not help to advance proper learning in any way.

Developing a Conducive Learning Environment

Schools must ensure that they develop conducive environments where people can learn effectively. The learning process is a step by step process, and it can only happen well when there is an environment that promotes learning.

Schools must ensure that the environments that they teach students allows for smooth learning, and at no time should students feel that they are being forced or pressured to do things that they do not like, or being forced to abide by a set of rules that is extreme.

Often, the moral side of life is stressed at home, and other places and institutions. However, it is essential to note that important proper moral guidance may be, schools should not incorporate harsh or extreme ethical measures on their students. This, at best, only serves to spoil the learning environment.

Striking the Balance

Acknowledging the fact that schools also exist to guide students morally is a good step in coming to an understanding, and striking a balance between studies and moral guidance. Schools are learning centers, and they exist to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to the students. In this regard, schools are also obliged to ensure that the students grow knowing the tenets of living with others in harmony, and how to accommodate other people.

Schools should play a significant role on the moral guidance front, and they should come up with ways of doing so without affecting the learning environment. Over and above, schools must ensure that they strike a balance when it comes to academics and moral issues. Moral guidance should not be intense such that it obstructs the academic part. Also, the focus should not be on academics too much such that students fail to understand what is expected of them morally.

To sum this up, schools out there play a significant role in shaping the future of students who pass through it. Therefore, they should ensure that they plan their schedules and programs appropriately to ensure that they do not give away a good learning environment for moral guidance. Striking a balance here is key.


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