Personal Experience and Community Development: New Teaching Approaches in the USA

Most institutions are coming up with new approaches to teaching, and at the top of these approaches are personal experience and community development. Institutions of learning have been adopting these approaches in the USA, and these trends are poised to influence teaching in years to come.

Personal Experience

Personal experience is a collection of the events that happen in an individual’s life, and different folks have different experiences that have shaped them into the people they are today. There are people with many rich experiences out there, and some of these folks have been at the forefront of using their experiences to teach students about some fundamental issues concerning life.

Any experience gives an individual the opportunity to learn from their mistakes or their successes. In the USA, some institutions are encouraging people to learn from the personal experiences of other individuals. While this might seem like a feeble teaching approach, personal experience can have far-reaching and tangible impacts on students. Notably, some students can learn a great deal from the experiences of other people, and this is why the personal experience approach has gained traction in learning institutions across the USA.

Schools in the USA are leveraging personal experiences to augment their teaching approaches and methods. Since personal experiences draw from real life happenings and events, they can help to shape how students behave, think, and make decisions as well.

Community Development

Among the main objectives of education is to nurture individuals who will be important to the local community. Education serves the purpose of empowering and enlightening people, and when people are empowered, the potential for tangible impact across the community is very high. This explains why there is a keen focus on community development in institutions across the USA.

The local community should be able to benefit from schools, and increasingly, the community approach has been garnering broad adoption across the USA. The community is equally essential as institutions of learning since schools exist to equip students with the expertise, knowledge, and skills on how to address and solve some of the pertinent issues facing the community.

Students are also part of the community, and when they learn more about the community in the school; they become more cognizant of their environment, which can help them come up with ways on how to improve the state of their local community.

Why These Approaches Are Important

Increasingly, there is a need to teach students that the education they get in institutions of learning should be able to help them in other realms of life and the community as well. These teaching approaches go beyond the academic work and classwork, and they seek to enlighten students about other issues in the community that are of great importance as well.

These approaches are pragmatic, and students have the opportunity to learn how to blend in with the community, and how to help the local community make progress. Fundamentally, education is an eye-opener, and it equips students with ways of coming up with viable and practical solutions to the various problems that they face. In this regard, therefore, personal experience and community development seek to help students to know what is expected of them out there, and how to leverage their education to help the community.


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