High School Experience


Life in high school is the beginning of the formation of an identity for young people. It offers the students an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and share ideas (NC) on different issues. A good experience in high school shapes up the future of the young people by directing them closer to their destiny. A negative exposure can also affect the life of the student in future. In my case, the high school experience was characterized by formation of friendships that I treasure to this day, a development of my talent in playing football and a number of school outings that exposed the beauty of the country to us. The teachers played a crucial role shaping up my experiences in high school especially by ensuring academic and psychological growth. High school exposed me to positive experiences through learning new ideas, interaction with friends while playing football, and taking part in school trips.

In high school, I was able to make new friends, some of whom were my neighbors (AC), who impacted my life positively. The friendship in high school was formed under the presumption of mutual academic growth. The friends provided company while doing homework as well as going to school. It was impossible for any of us to leave the school (SN) premises alone because we always left in groups. Friends made the distance to school and back home seem shorter because of the stories we used to chat. The friendships formed in school were important even at home, especially during the weekends where we visited one of us and spent quality time together. Due to the different understanding of the members in the group, we used to hold discussions on the assigned homework which led to improvement in our collective performance. It was always a nice picture when one of us performed the best in the class. My friends made my life in high school very positive.

The teachers acted as our role models (PN) in making the experience better. At school, the teachers acted as the parents for the students. We were free to consult them on issues within the class boundaries as well as those in our personal lives. Some of our fellow students experienced problems at home and the teachers provided free counseling. I was no exception to the challenges. At one time, I was stressed because of financial challenges at home to the point of performing poorly in class. The teachers noticed a drop in my performance and provided me with emotional (NC) encouragement until I recovered from the stress. The teachers understood my weakness in various disciplines and provided further tutoring classes until the performance improved. Our teachers used to tell us that everyone was good in something. Failure in academics was not equal to failure in life. As a young person, hearing such words motivated me into trying harder to perform better. In due time, I was improving my overall grades from the encouragement from the teachers. Teachers made my life in high school very positive.

The extracurricular activities in high school such as games and school outings made my experiences more fascinating. I was able to realize I was talented in playing football. At first, I used to watch the games in television but the physical activities made me realize I could play. Every day after classes, we used to go to the field and practice. It is through the school tournaments that I experienced my first romantic exposure. A girl (SN) from another school used to motivate me even when we lost and we grew closer. She became my girlfriend and continued motivating me to better performance. In the school outings, we used to visit recreational facilities such as parks and swimming pools where we enjoyed interaction with other students. The reason I enjoyed the games, which I played n daily basis (AC), is because I was able to retain physical fitness through the games while growing my talent. The exposure to the games minimized the time I spent playing computer games as I concentrated more on physical games. By the time I was exiting the academic level, I was a good footballer with an exemplary performance in class.

My life in high school had positive impacts in my life. I was able to achieve emotional confidence, perform well, grow my talent in football and meet my girlfriend. The teachers in the school are supportive to the students (PN) and their concern is on the well being of the children at all times. I would recommend any student with the desire to achieve their goals to attend the school. In the school, negative vices such as bullying are unheard of due to the strict nature of the teacher. The foundation created in high school is the basis of my performance in college academic work as well as extracurricular activities. I am also able to interact easily with people from prior experience. I still believe I am good in something as my teachers said. However, I would recommend that the school introduces more games in the syllabus such as archery, golf and gymnastics. Such games occur in the Olympics and their introduction will give the students a good opportunity to learn and represent the school in future.

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